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Going for a spin...74 viewsK190 goes for a spin on the turntable before it's evening duties around the workshops at Newport.
Preparing for work.80 viewsR761 and K190 sit in the yard at Newport.
Blowing down87 viewsThe fireman of K190 performs a blow-down whilst whilst the fireman of R761 discusses the evening's work with his trainee fireman, and a shunter.
Moving off88 viewsK190 sits on the turntable whilst R761 moves forward to blow down.
Resting at Newport80 viewsR761 sits in the yard at newport having just been blown down.
Ready for work...100 viewsR761 moves off to perform it's duties for the evening whilst K190 waits for it's chance to start shunting.
Resting steam88 viewsR761 rests in the door to the workshops.
Newport Workshops98 viewsR761 and Y164 sit at Newport under a cloudy sky.
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